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Removing Oil from Concrete Driveways

One concern that homeowners have about their concrete driveway is the oil or grease that can get on it after a while. You can find a lot of Western suburbs concrete driveways in Sydney that are not given attention. They can become more attractive when the stains are removed completely.


Several chemical methods can be used for removing oil or grease on concrete. Those small spills and stains can easily be removed with the use of a scrub brush, strong detergent, or a sponge. There’s also a more aggressive method:We are the expert of concrete driveways in Sydney

  • Degreaser or a Commercial Concrete Cleaner. This is an alkaline-based soap that can be scrubbed on the concrete surface.

Soap here acts as the ball bearings which loosens up the oil for it to be easily removed. There’s however a downside to this.

Degreasers are not known to break down the oil. This means that they won’t work on concrete that has been contaminated for so long or has been heavily contaminated. They’re more suitable for porous concrete and not on those that have hard finish.

  • Poultice is another method to get rid of oil stains from concrete. This can be primarily applied for small and stubborn stains. This can be created through the use of an absorptive material such as pool filter media, kitty litter, or perhaps sawdust. 

A strong solvent has to be used such as xylene, acetone, lacquer thinner, or MEK. Then you can start smearing the material over the said stain. The poultice has to be covered with plastic and this is where the process of osmosis takes over.

This treatment will break down the oil thus removing the oil stains on your driveway. However, this method takes a long time and may not be practical.

These are some of the methods on how you can remove oil from your concrete driveway. It only depends on how stained your driveway is to identify which cleaning method you should use.

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