Stencil Driveway Costs

Stencil concrete driveways adds a stylish and unique artwork touch to your home. As a home owner, you should be aware of concrete stencilling services and the effects that can be acquired through this process.



Stencil concrete driveways make use of the process called concrete stencilling which is a concrete resurfacing process that makes use of stencils for creating unique patterns on any concrete surface.

More often, only one colour is used which may function as a predominant colour. However, other colours can be applied to produce a pattern or design in concrete.

The entire procedure starts through choosing a design. The skilled concreters then prepare the old concrete surface or even the new one for the stencil patterns.

Surface preparation is the most crucial part of the entire stencil process since it enables the coloured concrete to strongly adhere towards the base concrete.

By just stencilling alone, a stencil concrete driveway will appear flat but concreters often resort to a stamping technique that will render surface depth to it. If the entire process is done by experts, it’ll be much harder to spot the difference between the pavers and natural How to maintain concrete driveway Sydneystones from the stencilled patterns.

It is the best to leave the stencilling to the experts but you always have to choose the right design. Since the process is versatile in nature, it can be tedious to choose a design for the stencil concrete driveway.


There are many samples of these designs online. It is possible to have a simple design that will go well with any modern-looking home.

Any homeowner is not left to only one colour option or pattern. It is possible to have one colour for the general surface but a different pattern for the edges. It can also be done with a mixture of different colours that’ll certainly give it a distinct appeal.

Indeed, options are unlimited nowadays. It is also possible to break up large surfaces and you can add a pattern right in the middle of the driveway or repeat the pattern in large areas.

With stamping done on the same surface, and it will give you a surface that looks like natural stone. The only difference is that it is more affordable and it’s easy to maintain as well.

Concrete Driveways Before And After Sydney

It’s easy to see stencilling done on driveways, but it can also be done on any outdoor surface area. There are stencilled footpaths, patios, and pool surround. Any place that allows you to have pavers laid and concrete poured, you can use stencilled concrete.

The cost of stencilling concrete jobs depends on several factors. The single pattern of course costs much less than a combination of colours and patterns. There are stencilling techniques that are more complicated and therefore labour-intensive and time-consuming.

For each paver, there’s a stencil design that has multiple colour variations. The surface will also be sealed for it to display a shiny surface.

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