Stamped Concrete Driveways Sydney

Gone are the days when driveways are plain and drab, once concrete is applied on your driveway, you can add colour and pattern can be stamped on it. What comes out as result is a vibrant pattern that resembles bricks, stone, pavers, or whatever effects desired.



Stamped concrete is that process that includes stamping a pattern and texture right onto concrete right after it has been poured. There’s also a more sophisticated technique which is a combination of stamping and colouring.

In this technique, patterStamped Concrete Drivewayn is stamped into coloured concrete. Due to the addition of colouring, concrete resurfacing experts may be able to attain almost any effect even as intricate as cobblestone, a mix of faux stone appearances, and also herringbone brick.

Stamped concrete driveways are known for their artistry, uniqueness, and depth. In fact, stamped concrete gives your driveway or patio more depth and character.

It also gives the driveway colour and texture, making it indistinguishable from pavers.

This stamping approach on concrete is suitable for driveways, pool areas, carports, and pathways. Materials are added on the concrete before it is poured that will lend interesting stamped designs and patterns.

Any concrete surface can be stamped or coated to appear like expensive stone, tiles, or marble without the hefty price tag.

It is pattern stamping that allows any concreter to produce innumerable and immensely beautiful designs in concrete. Some of the more popular pattern stamps that are used are bricks, clay tiles, and random natural stone designs.

By combining the technique with colouring and texturing, pattern stamped concrete driveways can’t be distinguished from the real thing.

Furthermore concrete can be stamped or painted for decorative purposes. It can also be sealed for longevity. After it is taken up, it can also be recycled but it can be labour-intensive.

Stamping can also be combined with stencilling for a more artistically unique impact. The major difference is that stamping renders depth and texture to the concrete.


Looking from the street perspective, you’d think that the stamped driveway is constructed from natural stone pavers.

You’ll only be able to figure out the slight difference when you look at it closely. But still you will be awed by the patterns, textures, and designs that stamping brought about.

When you add stamping to the stencilled concrete, you have completed the equation and would be able to have a surface that appears to be made of natural stone yet cheaper and quite easier to maintain.Stamped Concrete Driveway

Stamping’s rate may start from $50 per square meter using only a single colour while stencilling that includes several colours may range from $85 per square meter and up. This depends on how complex the design is.

Stamping along with span spraying and coating is one of the decorative solutions used on concrete for it to acquire the look of marble, stone, and other luxury materials. It is through decorative concrete brought about by stamping that you can get that luminous look for your driveway, all done without breaking a bank.

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