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Should You Resurface or Replace Old Concrete?

When you have a concrete driveway, it will become tired and worn out over time. Most homeowners think that it should be ripped out and replaced completely, but there’s an alternative to that which is what we call resurfacing.


When to Replace Concrete:

There are instances when the concrete appears to be too damaged. Concrete is often poured over a sub base. When this is not prepared well before pouring concrete, this may lead to cracks.

There are also instances when the sub base has already been prepared yet erosion created voids underneath which brings forth the cracks. There are several clues to this on the concrete surface:

  • Cracks that go in different directions means that it badly needs replacement.
  • A long and relatively straighter crack can be repaired.We are the best concrete driveways contractors in Sydney.
  • When there’s a crack and one side of the cracked concrete is not of the same level as the other, the concrete has to be replaced.

When Should Concrete Be Resurfaced:

When the sub base stays in good condition, the concrete can be resurfaced. Only concrete resurfacing professionals can see if your concrete is worth resurfacing.

What they usually do is they repair the concrete and prepare the surface for coating. There are different techniques to do this:

  • Coloured concrete can be sprayed on the old concrete.
  • Stencilling can produce patterns in concrete.
  • Aggregates and pebbles can be added to concrete.
  • Acid dyes can change the concrete’s colour and gives a natural colour instead.
  • Stamping can provide depth and texture to any concrete surface.

All these techniques can also be combined to create a certain design or pattern.

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