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Precast Concrete in Sydney

Understanding Precast Concrete in Sydney

To put it simply, precast concrete in Sydney is that type of concrete that is cast in a different location than where it will be placed. Majority of pre-cast products are cast inside a factory by using the wet-cast method. There are others like the tilt-up panels that are cast on the site where it will be used.

Precasting has a lot of advantages but the downside to this process is that the resulting concrete needs to be moved. Concrete is heavy; it weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot. This makes it necessary for the concrete elements to be not so big to avoid problems in moving them.

Precast concrete has a wide array of benefits to offer and most builders prefer to focus more on them.We are the best concrete contractor in Sydney.

  • Weather doesn’t affect precasting since you can cast regardless of the weather and still be able to get the same quality of results. This allows you to enjoy the mixes and methods.
  • Precasting is also done in a controlled casting environment where it’s easier to control factors like mixing, placement, and curing.
  • It is easier to control and quality of the product.
  • It requires much less labor, and lesser skills are required for the labor.
  • It’s also easier to create multiple copies of the same precast. This also enables you to have more value from a particular mold and set-up.
  • For the person precasting, materials can be bought for multiple projects. With the high volume of materials, it’s easier to get significant discounts.

Indeed, there are reasons why precast concrete is still here since the time of the Romans.


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