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Paving Repairs in Sydney

Repairing and Maintaining Concrete Pavers

For concrete pavers to be properly installed, they have to be done on a well-compacted subbase. If they’re installed the right way, concrete pavers don’t easily shift, settle, or crack in normal volume of vehicular and human traffic.

It’s possible for pavThe experts of paving repairs and maintenance in Sydney.ers to settle in some areas over time when they’re not installed the right way on a stable subbase. These can be corrected through removing the affected pieces and recompacting and regrading the subbase. Pavers may also be removed and reinstalled when utility repairs are necessary.

The typical maintenance of pavers includes taking away dead leaves and dirt, sweeping, and also occasional rinsing. When it has heavy oil and grease, it’s better to resort to pressure washing with the help of the appropriate cleaning material.

Depending on how severe and erratic the weather condition is in your location, you may need to replenish sand found in the paver joints every 2 or 3 years if it washes away because of erosion.

When polymer sand is used when the paver is installed, it will not be necessary to have joint sand. Joint sand is a kind of sand that comes with a polymeric additive that tends to harden and bind sand to help prevent erosion.


It also helps to seal concrete pavers surfaces for the sand to be locked in and to protect the pavers from staining. Sealing requires reapplication from time to time depending on the sealer used and the volume of traffic.

When it’s winter, sharp objects should not be used for chopping the ice since it can damage it.  

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