Painting Concrete Driveways in Sydney

Sometimes a good clean to your concrete driveway can give it a “fresh look” however painting concrete driveways is a quick and easy way to give it a makeover.

It will be an easy job when you know the right techniques to do it. It’s crucial for you to know how to make the surfaces ready for painting and how to paint concrete driveways.



Before everything is done, all cars have to be moved out from the driveway.

Always allow 7 days for the driveway to be totally treated. The driveway has to be swept first of all dirt and debris.

Mix etch primer into a bucket full of water. With the use of a stiff broom, give the driveway’s surface a good scrubbing. Allow the substance to stay on the driveway for 10 minutes before rinsing it properly with water.We are the best providers of concrete driveways in Sydney

The entire surface may also be power washed. As an alternative a stiff bristled wire brush maybe used along with a shop-vac vacuum cleaner.

Aside from checking on oils, dirt, and dust, you should also check for cracks and any form of water leaks or damages for them to be repaired first.

It is also necessary to repair chunks that may be loose or missing. The wire brush will be able to remove paint and particles that have to the concrete surface.  

It is also necessary to cover those areas in your driveway that you don’t want to be painted such as the drain cover, walls, doors, and even the garden edging. So you won’t have any problems, you can have it covered with masking tape.


Sealing and priming are crucial for painting concrete driveways. Remember that sealers prevent moisture from seeping in especially for walls that touch the ground and in basements. Concrete is naturally porous and it absorbs water just like a sponge does.

It’s important to choose the primer and sealer based on the manufacturing specifications of your concrete paint. You have to realise that the paint used for driveways is for heavy-duty meaning it is thicker than regular paint.

Remember that it is intended for a surface that will be run on by cars. Needless to say, it’s quite a challenge to paint smoothly on the driveway’s rough surface.

This requires you to dWe offer concrete driveway painting at a competitive rateilute the first coating of paint with turpentine. All you have to do is to mix 100mL of turpentine in a litre of paint you have to use.

The next step is the painting proper. You can start the process from the edges and the detailed areas with the use of a paint brush. This step is known as cutting in.

After this step, you have to use the paint roller to work on the rest of the surface area. It’s not advisable to paint first in one corner. The right manner of painting is to start at the back and work towards a specific exit point.

Keep in mind that it takes 16 hours for the first coating to cure. You can give it a second coating using undiluted paint.

Once you have applied the second coating, let it cure for seven days before you can drive a car through it.

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