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Floor Polishing in Sydney

Some Tips Regarding Floor Polishing

If you are aiming to have a no-wax-needed flooring material, you need to have the polished concrete. There are now advanced polishing techniques and devices to use that enable contractors to grind concrete floor surfaces whether old or new to come up with a high-gloss finish that requires no waxing and coatings.

It’s also important to consider the durability and the quality performance of concrete; this makes polished concrete flooring a choice of most homeowners compThe best polished floors provider in Sydney.ared to granite, marble, tile, coated concrete, and linoleum.

Floor polishing involves multiple steps. You may choose your own level of sheen for the floor from satin to high gloss based on your own requirements for maintenance and aesthetic preference. Since polished concrete is versatile, it is considered ideal flooring material for multiple applications.


The first step in concrete floor polishing is to determine the condition of the concrete. It is required to evaluate the hardness of the concrete through the use of the concrete hardness tester.

After which, you have to remove all previous coatings and sealers on the concrete. Then the proper polishing technique starts. Initial rough grinding is done using metal bond diamond abrasives.

Chemical hardener is then applied to the concrete to solidify and densify the concrete surface and to provide water protection and staining.

After this, the final polishing starts. Once you achieve the appearance you prefer for a polished floor, you can protect the surface with the use of the commercial stain-guard product. This is particularly required for concrete surfaces that will be greatly exposed to oil, grease, and chemicals.

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