Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway Sydney

There are many ways to give your driveways texture and depth, an exposed aggregate driveway is one of them.  Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the best options for concreting driveways.



With this driveway finish, the concrete uses aggregates like stones and pebbles that are exposed on it to create a magnificent visual effect.

We are the experts of exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Sydney

This type of concrete is also good for pathways and entertainment areas of the house. There’s a wide variety of colours, sizes, and even finishes to give off a marvellous artistic effect that can go well with the outdoor environment.

Technically speaking, exposed aggregate is made from exposing some of the aggregates (sand and small stones) in the concrete, it also looks natural, to fit in well with natural surroundings. This is a technique that gone through time has already been perfected by expert concreters.

With this type of concreting technique, you can choose to have a single colour for the entire driveway or the exposed aggregate may also be mixed with other decorative techniques for that astonishing driveway that’s uniquely your own.


Exposed aggregate driveways have been around in Sydney since the 1960’s. It lasted because it is known to be cheaper, non-slip, and quite simple to use which is a good match for renovations and buildings that are tight on budget.

Nowadays older driveways can be given a facelift through installed exposed aggregate driveway. New colour can be sprayed on it for it to have fresh new colour that can lift how your yard looks. 

Professional installers have many good things to say about exposed aggregate concrete. It is said that they are easy to maintain since weeds don’t grow on them. They are durable and can withstand all kinds of weather and scratches.

These may also be customised with different colours, patterns, and even stains. They are safer to use because they are non-slip. It is simple and stylish solution for any outdoor surface.

We are the experts of exposed aggregate concrete driveways

Same as any option you have for driveway designs, the exposed aggregate driveway technique also has downsides. Some of the inferior products may stain fast and they are difficult to clean and they can crack easily too.

And in general, concrete is a flat surface which may be a bit monotonous and ordinary for your taste or house design. Given that it is a combination of concrete and pebbles, it can be too hard on your soles.

Your home may incur that dated look with the use of exposed aggregates which is good for a period-inspired home but not for a home with modern day architecture. This goes to say that you need to choose a reliable and knowledgeable installer and also the right high-quality product.

An exposed aggregate driveway may cost from $1,500 - $2000 more compared to plain concrete. This is equivalent to $80 per square meter more in additional expenses. The total inclusive cost per square meters for exposed aggregate including excavation, concrete, exposed aggregates, rubbish removal and labour can start at $180.

Many companies quote low square meter prices, however when you add up the total costs inclusive of labour, materials, ecavation, the total price per square meter is usually higher than what was advertised - costs also vary depending in the area you live in. That makes getting quotes a truly important part of the process.

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