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Top 5 Driveway Designs for Concrete Driveways

A home can be considered one of the largest investments to make. It can’t be considered complete without the driveway. That’s why it’s important for you to make sure with your contractor that he or she will be able to construct the driveway based on the driveway design you planned.

The driveway is considered part of the home’s landscape and it should complement with everything at home. Among the popular materials used for driveways is concrete. It’s a great advantage that there are a couple of sought-after driveway designs intended for concrete driveways. You’ll see that even your old driveway can be magically converted into something magnificent.stencil driveway designs

The first design is that of the stenciled driveway. This can be adopted on old or new driveways. Here patterns can be combined to come up with a visually appealing driveway.

With stencils, the concrete will appear to be pavers or stone. It also enables the application of varying colours to create interesting and colourful designs and patterns in the driveway.

Then there’s the pebbled driveway which is also called exposed aggregate. It’s more popularly known as “pebblecrete,” a technique that has been used and perfected for a long time. In this technique, aggregates or small pebbles are mixed with concrete and then poured just like in producing plain concrete.

It is possible to use a single colour for the driveway or to combine it with other decorative techniques for an aesthetically unique garden path and driveway. There are several background colours to choose, from plain white to brown, green, gray, and even red.

Colours can go from the lightest to the darkest hue as well.To breathe new life to one’s old concrete driveway, the painted concrete design is used. This can be easily turned into a DIY project on your free time but there are professional builders who use special spray techniques to resurface old driveways.

Unique patterns can also be created in this type of design with the use of stenciling and stamping. You can simply acquire concrete paint with natural or vivid colours that enable you to come up with a driveway that can mesmerise guests.

Stamped concrete is anotherHow to maintain concrete driveway Sydney option for driveway design that artists consider.

This technique is used along with stenciling. Stamping adds more depth and texture to the concrete’s surface. When looking at it from the street, you’d think that it’s made of natural stone pavers.

The slight differences can only become more visible upon closer inspection yet you’d still be amazed and mesmerised by the patterns, designs, and colours of the driveway. It’s only stamping that can do this.

Another driveway design to consider is stained concrete. In this technique acid staining reacts with minerals that make up concrete. This reaction results to a display or beautiful colours.

You’ll see after stain is applied that the drab-looking concrete can turn into a natural stone showing off a deep and vivid colour and lasting texture. You’d be able to witness even some swirling patterns that are more commonly found in granite or marble.

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