Concrete Slabs in Sydney

There’s an ongoing debate about the better material to use for driveways and other outdoor surfaces: pavers or concrete slabs. It’s time for people to know more about these slabs that are often thought to be simply economical and practical. The truth is there are several good reasons for such material to be used for any outdoor area.



First off it is easy to install poconcrete slab cost sydneyured concrete slab. It is also quite common and is easy to find. It should also be known that these slabs can be stamped for them to look like pavers. You won’t even get to see that much difference between the two.

With this option, there are also many colours, patterns, and textures to choose from. When it comes to the cost, it is up to 15 percent cheaper than the pavers when bought in some areas.

Concrete slabs also require minimal maintenance since weeds don’t really grow on concrete.

However, just like anything else under the sun, these slabs are not without cons. Over time, concrete may crack and stain. Stamped concrete is however designed to cover stains. The downside is that you may need to lift the entire slab when cracks or damages start to appear on it.

It is also difficult for a concrete slab to dry; hence the driveway may not be used for a period of five days. It is also slippery when it gets wet and it gives off glare during daytime which is not good in really sunny areas.

Also if there’s a need for you to get underneath the concrete, there’s no other way but to rip out the entire slab.


There’s a regular rate for a concrete slab among concreters. However, the best means to find out the cost of it is to acquire quotes from top three concreters in your list. It is also necessary for you to give them enough details for them to coConcrete slabs sydneyme up with the most accurate of quotes.

Some of the information needed for it include: the size of the slab required, if it is in need of decorative concreting, if it has any access problems, if the area is accessible to a truck, if the shed will be placed on flat or sloping surface, if the slab has to be stepped or sloped to allow for drainage outside of the said shed.

It’s easy to calculate concrete slabs otherwise since it is done by square meter. You can calculate the cost by simply multiplying the square meter of the area you like to be worked on and how much the concreter charges per square meter.

The average price for a concrete slab is $75 to $110 for every square meter. That will serve as the starting point when you’re comparing quotes. You can expect it to be on the lower end of the price scale when the area is on a flat terrain with no access issues. It’s the opposite when the area is on a location wherein a concrete pump is required to pour concrete.


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