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Concrete Sealing in Sydney

Concrete Sealing Tips

Through concrete sealing, your driveway can become resistant to water, grease, weather exposure, abrasion, oil stains, and deicing salts. Sealers also enhance the natural beauty of the concrete and with sealers it’s easier to clean the driveway.

But the secret to maWe are the experts of concrete driveways and other services in Sydney!king the sealer do wonders is to apply it appropriately. Every step involved in sealing from preparing the surface to choosing the right tool to use will have a great impact on the final result.


Here are general guidelines to follow for applying the concrete sealer, but it’s recommended that the guidelines provided on the label of the specific sealer used should be followed first.

It is important to prepare the concrete surface to be sealed by removing oil, stains, dirt, dust, and grease. If these are not removed, the sealer may not work properly. If a new sealer brand is used, it’s necessary to remove all traces of the previous sealer since the two may not be compatible.

The use of the right tools is crucial to attaining the best coverage and right thickness of the sealer to ensure efficient performance. Sealers can be applied using sprayers or rollers. Always check the specific guidelines for sealer application.

It is also crucial to choose the right time to apply the sealer. Always allow for new concrete to cure totally which is 28 days to be precise. Usually sealers have to be applied on dry conditions. Applying sealer on damp concrete can hinder adhesion and cause haziness. Air temperature should also be considered.

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