Concrete Polishing Sydney

Concrete polishing has become more popular lately and can be applied on driveways and in your home. It used to be that you can find polished concrete only in commercial locations but today you can find them more and more in homes and residential structures.



Concrete has been with humans for centuries now. It was in the 1990’s when polished concrete was invented in Tunisia. It happened when workers were asked to polish the concrete floor in a particular palace. The idea blossomed to the extent that equipment to be used for polishing concrete was created.

Polished concrete today is a combination of several elements namely cement, stone and some colouring agents. When these are all polished, they can give off an exemplary appearance.

Since it was primarily used for hard wearing sPolished Concrete Driveways Sydneyurface, it was primarily intended for commercial purposes. Due to advancements in concrete polishing technology, it has become easier to come up with polished concrete floor for residential areas for only a fraction of its original cost.

From being simply for concrete flooring, it has become a primary material for kitchen benchtop. This polished kitchen benchtop is not only visually appealing; it is only more durable than the usual material for kitchen tops.

You might be wondering about how concrete is polished. There are polishing specialists who are in charge of this. They’re the ones that have the knowledge, skills, and experience and of course the equipment to give any floor surface the right finish.

This technique can be used for old or existing floors to new ones. Aggregates are also added to the floor’s surface to render it a unique appearance. Colours may also be added to the concrete surface creating different impacts. Oftentimes, a variety of colours is used to give it maximum visual impact.

If this technique is applied on old floors, concrete polishing is done after the floor goes through complete repair. These old floors may have cracks that can be filled with any epoxy product. After which, the existing floor is then resurfaced to provide you the appearance you desire.

This whole process is called “spraycrete” or “covercrete.” A modified acrylic polymer is added to sand, cement, and also other additives that will be able to produce a hard, smooth, yet reflective floor surface.


With the new floor surfaces, the concrete grinding equipment is used in the initial phase. This is likened to the use of varying grits of sandpaper to make timber smooth and polish ready.

The only difference is that diamond Polished concrete floorssegments are used for polishing concrete and it requires quite powerful equipment to complete it. For large surfaces, grinders are necessary while for corners and edges special equipment is needed.

There are some cases wherein polishers will use two grits for concrete’s initial polishing. This process is known as grind and polish and more often it is followed up with application of a surface sealant.

There are also other instances when 10 or 15 gradual refinements can be made with fine grits from about 800 to 3,000. Here after the floor is smoothened, a densifier is applied which is intended to work as a penetrating hardener.

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