Concrete Driveway Pavers Sydney

Paving is a new technique used by many concreters today to build recreational and utility areas in your outdoor area. Concrete paving is also referred to as paving stones. Similar to tiles, concrete pavers are a popular outdoor flooring option especially when you want to add a homely feel to your backyard and garden.



Concrete pavers can be applied on driveways however you will find pavers most commonly installed over a compacted base of soil and sand. Today because of paving, any structure can be done with artistry on your outdoor space at home.

Pavers come in a variety of colours, textures, formats, and patterns and are versatile when compared to other hard surfaces; hence, they help enhance the creativity of concrete artists.

Concrete Pavers Sydney
Concrete Pavers Sydney

When pavers are laid right, they can last for a lifetime and they are easy to maintain. When choosing pavers, take in consideration of your house structure, overall colour schemes and how your existing garden looks.

For a contemporary home design for instance, you can have large format concrete and sandstone pavers to use. Classic brick paving on the other hand is good for any traditional home design.

It is the role of a garden designer or the landscape architect to choose the right pavers for you to use.


There are some considerations for the pavers however. For instance when it is used for gardens, pavers have to be 40mm thick and they should be laid on a bed that’s also 40mm thick.

For the driveway, the pavers have to be stronger and should be laid on a bed that has to be 100mm or thicker.

To ensure structural integrity, extra thickness is required. Several patterns can be used in paving from stretcher bond, basketweave, herringbone, a unique combination of headers and stretchers and even in huge paver designs.

There are many materials that can be used by concrete pavers in Sydney. Some of these are terracotta, brick, clay, timber, ceramic, cut or split stone, and concrete, among others. However, regardless of the material you chose, it’s the preparation of the base or subgrade that makes or breaks the whole thing.

Sydney Concrete Pavers
The base has to be laid firmly and correctly to ensure that pavers won’t move over time. The base can be made up of a road base, compressed sand, or any concrete slab.

You have to consider drainage which is usually an issue. Remember that concrete won’t let water seep through. Hence it’s necessary for you to check with the local council first for any rules or requirements you have to abide by.

It’s because of issues like such that you’ll need a professional concreter - they will also assist with council approval process.

When you hire one, make sure you choose a professional who is familiar with the required license and how to deal with local council.

You may need to check their previous paving work - At Pro concrete driveways, we have several concreters who specialise in paving for driveways, patios and gardens.

We provide a free complimentary quote along with the appropriate design and structural recommendations.

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