Concrete Pathways Sydney

You don’t want your garden to be all plants without a pathway for visitors to revel at its beauty.

You can make an opening among the wet and bare areas with the help of professionals in creating concrete pathways in Sydney.



HA unique and gorgeous pathway that we, the expert can offer to your Sydney home.ere are the steps to consider when designing your concrete pathway:

The first step is to create the shape you intended to have for your pathway. You can plan the pathway through the use of brickies with string line that are tied to wooden pegs to create straight paths. You may also make use of the garden hose to create curved pathways.

You can further prepare the pathway through the removal of grasses by excavating to a depth of 125mm. If it happens to be close to your house, include a slight fall for the water to run through.

You have to attach timber formwork to wooden pegs within regular intervals. The pegs should be outside and they have to be lower than timber.

Formwork is considered as the final shape and height of the pathway. It may also require the presence of steel reinforcement mesh.

When you have the uneven clay base, you can put the 50mm layer of sand or road base to have an even concrete bedding. This also prevents cracking since concrete can rest on a firm base.

You can then mix and place concrete within the framework which you can spread and compact as you go. 


Through the use of a straight and smooth piece of timber you can level the concrete. You have to pull back along the formwork doing a side to side sawing action and its leading edge slightly raised.

You can tap lightly the formwork coming from the outside with the use of a hammer to be able to vibrate concrete against the formwork.

You need to wait for the concrete to dry and to be firm on your touch before you finish it off with a wooden float with a non-slip finish.

You may also use a steel trowel to have a smooth finish. When it comes to the edges, a steel edging tool should be used to round the edges for a gWe are the best maker of your pathway needsood finish. This can prevent chipping and gives off a professional finish.

It is not advisable to walk on the concrete for the next 24 hours.

You also have to ensure that the concrete is moist. This is the process called curing and it is intended to assist the concrete for it to achieve its desired strength as well as durability.

In terms of cost for concrete pathways, it is a bit difficult to estimate the general cost for concrete pathways in Sydney for instance.

It’s because the prices of concrete can vary depending on the locale. The cost in transporting the materials towards your home may make up the bulk of the cost.

The cost of concrete driveways also relates to other materials used however concrete is the best material to be used by homeowners for an attractive and durable pathway without spending too much.

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