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Concrete Driveways in South West Sydney

Useful Concrete Driveways in South West Sydney

You have new design options for concrete driveways in South West Sydney. The following choices for decorative concrete applications to any driveway with newly poured concrete:

  • Coloured concrete driveways. There’s a wide array of options for colours in this application. The colours are picked based on stone and other elementWe are the experts of concrete driveways here in Sydney.s found within the home. Most of the time they are combined with stamped concrete. Concrete colours can be added dusted on the site or added to concrete in a ready mix solution.
  • Exposed aggregate finishes are done with 3/8" multicoloured pebbles are put into concrete at the plant or they can be seeded into the concrete. During the finishing phase, the surface of the cement paste is washed off and the pebbles are left to be exposed.
  • Concrete engraving can also be done on existing driveways. It can come up with the look like that of an elaborate brickwork for an affordable amount. Here a plain-looking driveway can be poured, stained, and also engraved to appear like brick.
  • Stamped concrete driveways are quite popular. Concrete is placed, and colour is significant in this mix; or it can also be dusted on while doing the job and then stamped. There are many patterns available that can be used to emulate stones, flagstone, pavers, and bricks.
  • Stained concrete driveways are also good options. Here chemical stains seep into the concrete surface to come up with beautiful colour shades on existing concrete. Stains react immediately with the concrete’s minerals and come up with mottled, variegated, and uneven colour effects.

Each of these designs has its own pros and cons; call us if you want to know more details.


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