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How to Maintain Exposed Aggregates Driveways

Exposed aggregates can be seen in most concrete driveways in Penrith, Sydney. Homeowners should remember that once the concrete is already placed, the decorative aggregate can be revealed easily.

There are several exposure methods that can be done for this to be possible. This depends on the size of the area and also the kind of look We provide best exposed aggregate concrete driveway in Sydneythe homeowner aims to have.

With this type of surface finish, the top of the stones or aggregates are exposed while the rest are embedded within the concrete. The rule of thumb is to take away the surface mortar to a depth that’s not more than a third of the diameter of the aggregate particles.

For aggregates to show off well in driveways, the traditional brushing and washing can be done. This is the simplest method since it doesn’t entail the use of special tools or chemical retarders.

All you have to do is to wash away the mortar covering the aggregate through spraying with water and scrubbing with the use of a broom until such time the aggregates are exposed to the desired depth. Timing is critical for this method; hence it is more suitable for smaller jobs.

This should be started once the surface mortar can be removed without the need to overexpose or to dislodge the aggregates. You can try this through the use of the stiff nylon-bristle broom.

There are some contractors today that make use of a chemical surface retarder on the slab surface right after the placing and finishing procedures.

Now it’s up to you as the homeowner to choose with the help of your contractor which method you think is more suitable for your concrete driveway.


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