Gorgeous concrete driveway in Liverpool

Concrete Driveways in Liverpool

Concrete Mix to Ensure Durable Concrete Driveways

For concrete driveways in Liverpool, Sydney, it’s necessary to use the right concrete driveway mix. The use of a high-performing concrete mix may be more costly for every square foot compared to the usual concrete mix.

However doing this will help you curb costs and headaches in the long run from repairing concrete cracks and other concerns that are brought about by inadequate concrete mix. This is mainly because the driveway will be subject to deicing chemicals, freeze and thaw conditions as the seasons change, and the volume of vehicular traffic.

The following are required for the right concrete mix to use:

  • At least 4,000 psi for compressive strength
  • Around 6% for air content. For cold climates, the air entrainment allows for moisture that gets into the concrete to expand in air pockets disallowing internal pressure on the concrete.
  • Water-cement ratio should be below 0.50 for better concrete durability and strength.We are the best concrete contractors in Sydney

It’s not good to add excess water to the mix while in the site. This dilutes the cement-water ratio. You may ask the contractor to use fly ash along with water-lessening admixtures for long-term strength and to improve workability without more water needed.

It’s wise to ensure that finishers don’t sprinkle water on the surface while in the act of finishing as it may lead to scaling and crazing.

It’s also important to ensure the right driveway slump or the stiffness of the mix which should be around 4 inches. Slumps should not be above 5 inches. A mix that is overly mixed can result to a weak surface and some more finishing concerns.


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