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Concrete Driveway Repairs in Sydney

It is a fact that concrete does crack. If you have a patio, a walkway, a pool surround, or a driveway that’s made of concrete, it’ll likely crack at one point. It’s good that such cracks and imperfections are easy to address. Here are some ways to do the repairs for concrete driveways:

  • Put a new layer.

You can put a new layer of concrete to the damaged layer. This is a fairly easy method of repair but it is also more expensive. For those that have serious cracks, sometimes asphalt is added instead of concrete. The result is for you to have an asphalt driveway instead but one thing is certain; it’s also more affordable.

  • You can replace it with a new stamped driveway.

This entails ripping out the old driveway altogether and replacing it with a new one. It’s the most costly of all repair options but it is highly effective too. This is so because stamped concrete driveways are more durable and not prone to cracking compared to traditional concrete driveways.We are the experts of concrete driveway repairs in Sydney.

  • Patch it up with the use of caulk.

This is the cheapest and the easiest means to repair a driveway by way of patching up cracks with the use of caulk. A good product to use is Quikrete Concrete Repair which is a mix of acrylic latex and a bit of sand. Not only is it effective but it also blends well with concrete.

  • Have your concrete driveway stamped.

A professional contractor can stamp your concrete driveway. The parts of the concrete that have cracks will be cut to appear like stamped concrete.



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