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Today’s concrete driveways doesn’t have to be the drab, sullen-gray cement that you see back in the old days.

With the advances in technology and innovation, there are several concrete driveway finishes that you can choose from to turn your driveway into a great work of art.

Exposed Aggregate FinishType of concrete driveway finish we make

Among the popular finishes is the exposed aggregate concrete. This is a fashionably decorative type of finish that’s often used in most homes.

Here the finish is not smooth as the aggregates such as stone or pebbles are exposed make it rough and in fact gravelly. However it is fine enough for you to walk barefoot.

Exposed aggregate concrete comes in standard grey and off white cement mixture that comes with select and customised small types of aggregates like stones and pebbles.

They may also come in colour oxide mixed at the concrete plant. This is finished with high pressure wash for the aggregates to become exposed on the surface.

In this type of concrete finish, the concrete paving should be treated with construction joints or cuts to minimise the cracks. The spacing of such joints and cuts is specific to the design and the site. Sealing is also highly recommended to minimise fading, cracking, and staining.

Coloured Concrete Finish

Another artistic concrete finish is the coloured concrete finish. You should be aware that there are different ways to put colour on concrete.

A cheap way to do this is to simply add colour oxide towards the top layer of the concrete while it is still drying up. You can also add the colour mixture once it has already dried up.

This won’t however provide a lasting colour finish; in time the colour will fade and will expose plain concrete which is unpleasant to the eyes. When this happens, there’s no way for it to be fixed.

Coloured concrete may also bExperts of concrete driveway finishes in Sydneye finished with a stipple which makes way for a slightly textured finish without any aggregates appearing on the surface. Always remember that a smooth or polished finish on concrete is not meant for the outdoors since it would be slippery and hazardous.

Concrete finishing is primarily for strengthening the material, but concrete tends to become sufficiently strong for most home improvement projects.

For residential improvements, concrete finishing is primarily intended for decorative surfaces.


There’s a multi-step process for concrete to undergo that it becomes smooth and quite difficult to make out as concrete.

The following are the steps:    

  • edging, levelling  
  • trowelling      
  • texturing and
  • floating

Any professional contractor should be able to manipulate concrete that it will seem to imitate practically any kind of material. The motto in concrete finishing now is “Concrete, the new everything.”

Texturing and colouring are the final stages included in concrete driveway finish es ensuring that you’ll have a visually stunning concrete installation.

The following are the most common methods used: concrete staining, concrete stamping, and concrete painting. Please be reminded that there are many colouring and texturing methods you can apply.

Concrete stamping uses two layers of colouring agents and imprinting to come up with various textures.

Concrete staining is meant for pre-existing concrete that still stays in great condition. Concrete painting on the other hand makes use of epoxy paint rather than some other formula intended for concrete applications only.

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