Concrete Driveway Cost

Calculating the Concrete Driveway Cost

Along with your plan to install a driveway, the first aspects to consider is the concrete driveway cost.

Even though concrete is the most cost-efficient material to use for driveways, the price is still dependent on several factors such as materials used, the terrain, the size in terms of square meters, the labour, and also the style and patterns used.

If your location is not steep or doesThe best makers of concrete driveways for your home needsn’t have a slope, the cost of a driveway will  be more affordable.

That means that exact opposite applies if your home or site location has a deep slope which will require deep excavation. This excavation is necessary to level off the location.

The size of your driveway is a major determinant of the overall concrete driveway cost. Size is measured through square meters.

Here are some rough estimates of the prices for different materials to be used for the driveway. This can be totalled through multiplying it with the size of the driveway area. 


Spray on concrete costs $50 to $75 per square meter while plain concrete costs $60 to $85 for every square meter.

Coloured concrete on the other hand costs $70 to $95 per square meter. The exposed aggregate finish costs $100 to $150 per square meter while reinforced concrete pathway costs $65 to $90 per square meter.

A decorative stencilled concrete pathway on the other hand costs around $100 to $150 per square meter. The regular rates may also vary across Australia.

The driveway cost may also differ based on the concrete finish. Prices of the driveway starts to go up when it’s applied with decorative concrete finishes.The experts in concrete driveways

The price of a single car driveway with concrete that’s painted with colour will likely cost $350 more. Naturally if you have a bigger driveway, we will need to add more colour to the concrete so the overall cost will be higher

When exposed aggregate is used it will cost $1,200 more compared to the plain concrete. When stamping, stencilling, and other techniques that require more time and skills are used for the concrete finish, they can add more to the driveway costs too.

Concrete driveway costs may also be influenced by access issues. If there’s easy access, the charge per square meter will be less. But if the access is more difficult that might necessitate the concreter to use a concrete pump for concrete pouring, it means that the job will be more expensive.

If the terrain is winding and sloping and is quite difficult to access it will certainly mean more labour involved; hence the cost is more expensive.

At times, other paving alternatives are also required for this type of terrain.

If you want to calculate roughly the cost of your concrete driveway, you can start by contacting concrete driveway companies like us and ask about the costs of the materials you plan to use for your concrete driveway construction.

Labour costs range from $35 to $50 per hour and it varies depending on the difficulty of the project and the size of your concrete driveway.

You would somehow get an idea of how much materials you are going to need to fill the driveway. You have to add up this amount to the estimated labour costs and you’ll have a rough estimate of the entire project’s cost.

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