Sydney Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator

Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator

Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator for Determining Concrete Cost

For the homeowner to know determine the concrete driveway cost, it’s necessary to know the amount of concrete required for the project. There are tools and techniques that can be used to calculate the amount of concrete mix to be used.

  • There’s a rule of thumb of adding ¼” to the slab’s thickness in the budget for concrete slabs. This is considering that there’s the right depth and that it is well compacted. When you check into the grade and it varies from the best thing to do is to fix the grade.
  • For odd shapes, it’s easy to transform them into rectangles. This will make the odd shapes easier to figure.
  • For footings, they rarely follow the drawing exactly as it is should be. In rocky soil, the footings may collapse when huge rocks are excavated in the site. It is crucial to check varying spots on the footing and acquire the average size. The calculator may then be used to determine the amount of concrete required.Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator in Sydney

This goes to show that calculating or estimating concrete prices is that easy. There are many factors that have to be considered in determining this.

Some of the factors that can be considered are the following: sub-base preparation, reinforcement, grading, concrete forms and finishing, as well as the cost of concrete.

The following are some of the pricing components to be considered: ready mix concrete: $93 per cubic yard, grading: $50 to $70 per hour, sub-base for $12 to $18 per cubic yard, concrete forms and finishing: $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot, and reinforcement for $0.15 to $0.30 per square foot.


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