Sydney Concrete Cutting expertsConcrete cutting in Sydney is a specialised process that involves controlled drilling, sawing, and concrete removal which is usually performed by professionally skilled operators.

In the past, it’s the jack hammer that is used for this process. Today, there are now special saws that can have diamond impregnated blades. Some of these saw are chain saws, hand saws, wet saws, road saws, and floor saws.

They can come in varying types of blades and shapes which ensure that even concrete that is difficult to access can be cut precisely and professionally.

There are several reasons for concrete to be cut. This may include cutting the concrete in chunks for them to be ready for removal. Concrete removal services may also be done.

This is also done in cutting expansion joints into the concrete as well as altering the size and the shape of the concrete too.

Another related service to concrete cutting is concrete drilling. Concrete core drilling is that process that includes drilling clean and circular holes in various types of hard surfaces such as reinforced concrete, asphalt, brick, precast concrete, and other structural materials often used in construction.

There are many other types of concrete cutting services such as slab or flat sawing and wall sawing which are also common.

There are several sectors that are in need of concrete services most of the time such as major contractors, government departments, renovators, concrete paving firms, handymen, and also owner builders.

Most Australian concrete cutting firms focus on core drilling and concrete sawing processes. In core drilling, holes that have diameters that range from 1” to 12” and an average of 5” for most household holes.

For commercial purposes, the holes may have 60” diameter. Core holes are often for utility penetrations like electrical, plumbing, and heating and they also commonly used for clothes dryers and even for venting furnaces. 


Concrete sawing on the other hand is the most suitable process to be applied on pathways, doorways, windows, concrete walls and floors. This is also necessary for a demolition job and also to break up and remove any cracked driveway and footpath.

For cutting door and window openings, wall sawing is more appropriate. This can be done through a handheld or a track mounted system.

Through wall sawing you can enjoy the smoothest finish which cuts down the time needed to creating windows and doors and it also accommodates all shapes and sizes for dWe offer concrete cutting in Sydneyoors and windows.

Road sawing is necessary for constructing passageways, pedestrian paths, and paved walkways which most of the time require expansion of the area through cutting on finished concrete surfaces.

This can also be done for opening trenches required for pipework. To say the least, we won’t have roads to drive on when there’s no road sawing.

Hydraulic sawing on the other hand is intended for internal projects. This can be used on floors and walls that have to be cut within confined areas.

Ring sawing is also necessary for cutting core filled block walls, double brick walls, and concrete blocks to a depth of 270mm.  

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