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Figuring Out the Best Concrete Contractor in Sydney

Pouring concrete is not as easy as it seems, it’s a physical task that requires precision and skill to perfect it. Furthermore, having a good concrete driveway shows off curb appeal as well as durability.

However, this should be installed by a highly qualified and skilled contractor to ensure that it can stand the test of time and changing weather conditions. That’s why homeowners tend to look for concrete contractors in Sydney who have a track record to show.

The followiThe best concrete contractors in Sydneyng are some common signs that you’ve found the right professional for your concrete driveway project.

Most concrete contractors can provide a quote over the phone, but a professional one takes the first step of any concrete driveway installation or renovation project which is to inspect it. Here he should look the existing driveway closely and examine the space planned to be used for new concrete.


To find out if the contractor you have is indeed a professional, you have to ask him detailed questions about the installation you plan to initiate. The contractor has to provide a rough estimate of how long it will take for the job to be completed.

The contractor should also offer advice on how long the waiting time is before you can park on the new concrete. Concrete is usually given four weeks for it to attain maximum strength.

Most professionals however allow for two weeks before it’ll be used. So if the contractor says that it’ll be useful in a week’s time, you should look for another one.

Concrete driveways are also susceptible to cracking. There are those that appear right after installation.

A professional concrete contractor knows thoroughly what these cracks are and they can provide advice on how to prevent them. The contractor has an in-depth understanding of water and its relationship with concrete.

The concrete becomes weaker with more water in the mix since the concrete shrinks by the time it dries. This means that with less water, there are less cracks The best concrete contractors in Sydneyand much less shrinking.

The contractor should also be knowledgeable about the use of control joints to prevent concrete cracks. Such joints need to have the depth of the concrete pour with the usual distance for interval through multiplying the concrete’s thickness by the factor of two or three.

The joints are meant to let the material flex without breakage. Any long and unbroken stretch of concrete can crack during the first days of winter.

It’s also important to ask the contractor about the installation. The soil should be compacted and it should be added with tightly packed crushed material.

Looser aggregates can be added and compacted again to form a more stable base. There are also those cities that require the use of steel rebar grids for strength.

It’s also an intelligent move to ask the contractor about some issues that you might come across with concrete driveways. Any of the concrete contractors in Sydney would be able to inform you of concrete steps to resolve possible issues.

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