Coloured Concrete Driveways Sydney

Coloured concrete is one of the decorative finishes you can apply to your driveway. Its origin is also more recent than the old plain concrete which has been around for eons.



It was in 1915 when the first decorative concrete came to life and back then, it was simply coloured concrete.

In the 1990’s, polished concrete emerged in Tunisia and today, when you say “polished concrete” -  it’s a mixture of cement, stone, and at times colouring agents.

That’s why you often find coloured concrete driveways in Sydney combined with other driveway finishes.

Nowadays, concrete is no longer just grey and old-looking and flat. As a homeowner, you can express your artistry through the use of colours stains that can alter the overall appearance of concrete.

Concrete absorbs the stains and colours giving the concrete more depth.

CColored Concrete Driveways Sydneyoloured concrete driveways can be made of plain concrete and be made of exposed aggregates also known as “pebblecrete.”

Aggregates are small pebbles that are mixed with concrete and can be poured in the same manner as plain concrete.

To come up with coloured driveways that are composed of “pebblecretes,” concreters make use of colouring agents to give the pebblecrete surface colours in its background.

There are different background colours that you can choose from. The colours may range from grey, brown, red, green, to white. Colours may also range from the lightest to the darkest.


Such colouring agents are also part of the stenciling process used in concrete. After the stencil is placed on top of the prepared concrete driveways, concrete that comes with a colouring agent can be sprayed or spread on the entire surface.

The use of stencil and stamping techniques often use colouring agents to produce a driveway that has the look of pavers, natural stone, or some complex pattern that goes well with the rest of the home’s landscape.

Colored agents for Driveways SydneyHomeowners should be made aware that through the addition of colouring agents to concrete, you can have a more affordable and easier way to improve the look of your concrete driveway and home

Colouring agents coupled with texturing techniques and a wide array of standard and custom stencil designs, driveways turn into magnificent works of art.

You can decide based on your preference in terms of cost and whatever complements the overall landscape of your own home.

You can also add colour to other structures such as structural concrete sleepers. These are used to strengthen structures by providing more support, similar to concrete retaining walls. They can come in various colours even if they are made of concrete.

Colour Concrete Sleepers

Pigments can be mixed with concrete to match your ideal colour.

As the colour is thoroughly mixed in a concrete pump alongside with your concrete, the colour of your concrete won’t fade, chip, or peel off. You can add a standard finish to it for finishing touches or you may opt to choose from among different profiles.


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