The best concrete driveways contractor in North Shore Sydney

Concrete Driveways in North Shore Sydney

Most Common Questions about Concrete Driveways

Those who would like to build concrete driveways in North Shore, Sydney should know the answers to the most common questions asked. The first question is often how to find the right contractor who will work on the concrete driveway.

You can search online from authority directory sites. You can check per zip code and read on reviews as well to make sure that you won’t be duped.

There are more ways to find contractors such as getting the names of the contractors who worked on the neighbour’s decorative driveway. Choose only the ones that you like most. Don’t forget to ask about the experience the owner had with the contractor and also his craftsmanship.


You may also ask for referrals from friends, trusted home builders, and also local concrete-mix suppliers. You can also run through the Yellow pages for more names.

Another usual concern is whether the new concrete driveway should be sealed or not. It is required to apply a good quality sealer to all the surfaces of concrete slabs that are exposed to freeze and thaw conditions a lot.

Sealers are good concrete pThe experts of concrete driveways in North Shore Sydneyrotectors. They protect concrete from chemical exposure, grease, oil and moisture. For the decorative pattern concrete, sealers are known to enhance the colours found in the concrete.

Sealers can be penetrants and film-formers. The penetrating sealers can provide better protection from moisture.

What happens if the concrete cracks? This is the third most common question. This is not likely to happen when the concrete was properly jointed. This also goes down to getting a good contractor.

There are numerous reasons on why the concrete cracks so in order to prevent these cracks, investing on a good contractor will give you a concrete driveway that lasts for a long time.

If your concrete has cracks, then you can always repair it by filling the crack with any epoxy product. In addition, you can have your concrete resurfaced to make it smooth and even decorative if you want.

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Gorgeous concrete driveway in Liverpool

Concrete Driveways in Liverpool

Concrete Mix to Ensure Durable Concrete Driveways

For concrete driveways in Liverpool, Sydney, it’s necessary to use the right concrete driveway mix. The use of a high-performing concrete mix may be more costly for every square foot compared to the usual concrete mix.

However doing this will help you curb costs and headaches in the long run from repairing concrete cracks and other concerns that are brought about by inadequate concrete mix. This is mainly because the driveway will be subject to deicing chemicals, freeze and thaw conditions as the seasons change, and the volume of vehicular traffic.

The following are required for the right concrete mix to use:

  • At least 4,000 psi for compressive strength
  • Around 6% for air content. For cold climates, the air entrainment allows for moisture that gets into the concrete to expand in air pockets disallowing internal pressure on the concrete.
  • Water-cement ratio should be below 0.50 for better concrete durability and strength.We are the best concrete contractors in Sydney

It’s not good to add excess water to the mix while in the site. This dilutes the cement-water ratio. You may ask the contractor to use fly ash along with water-lessening admixtures for long-term strength and to improve workability without more water needed.

It’s wise to ensure that finishers don’t sprinkle water on the surface while in the act of finishing as it may lead to scaling and crazing.

It’s also important to ensure the right driveway slump or the stiffness of the mix which should be around 4 inches. Slumps should not be above 5 inches. A mix that is overly mixed can result to a weak surface and some more finishing concerns.


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We provide the best concrete driveway in Sydney

Concrete Driveways in Auburn

There are multiple ways you can ensure that your concrete driveway will continue to look good for many years to come.

Suburbs like Auburn in Sydney are now becoming more gentrified and land value has increased leading to more concrete driveways in Auburn.

Some important steps should be followed by the contractor during the installation phase. How long your driveway can last and how well it looks depend on the quality of materials and the quality of craftsmanship. We are Pro Concrete Driveways and we provide high quality concrete driveways in Sydney

Here are some tips to consider to ensure that the driveway is properly installed.

The concrete mix design quality has an impact on the longevity and performance of the concrete driveway. If there’s less insufficient cement mix, the concrete paver won’t be that sturdy.

One important thing is to have a good sub-grade. Make sure that soil composition and compaction are united. This will provide enough support, an even slab thickness and surface, and it also prevents slab settling and cracking on the structure.

The soft spots have to be removed and replaced with better quality material like crushed rock or gravel. A number of western states have expansive soil. If you have no knowledge about the kind of soil in your location, it’s better to ask for the services of a soils engineer.

It is also not advisable to place concrete on bone-dry sub-grade. The sub-grade should be sprayed with water first to prevent it from wicking water that comes from fresh concrete.

To improve the structural durability and capacity of the driveway, steel reinforcement is necessary. This is highly important when the slab is going to handle heavy volume of traffic.


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We offer the best exposed aggregate concrete driveway in Sydney

Concrete Driveways in Penrith

How to Maintain Exposed Aggregates Driveways

Exposed aggregates can be seen in most concrete driveways in Penrith, Sydney. Homeowners should remember that once the concrete is already placed, the decorative aggregate can be revealed easily.

There are several exposure methods that can be done for this to be possible. This depends on the size of the area and also the kind of look We provide best exposed aggregate concrete driveway in Sydneythe homeowner aims to have.

With this type of surface finish, the top of the stones or aggregates are exposed while the rest are embedded within the concrete. The rule of thumb is to take away the surface mortar to a depth that’s not more than a third of the diameter of the aggregate particles.

For aggregates to show off well in driveways, the traditional brushing and washing can be done. This is the simplest method since it doesn’t entail the use of special tools or chemical retarders.

All you have to do is to wash away the mortar covering the aggregate through spraying with water and scrubbing with the use of a broom until such time the aggregates are exposed to the desired depth. Timing is critical for this method; hence it is more suitable for smaller jobs.

This should be started once the surface mortar can be removed without the need to overexpose or to dislodge the aggregates. You can try this through the use of the stiff nylon-bristle broom.

There are some contractors today that make use of a chemical surface retarder on the slab surface right after the placing and finishing procedures.

Now it’s up to you as the homeowner to choose with the help of your contractor which method you think is more suitable for your concrete driveway.


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The best concrete driveway finish provider in Sydney.

Concrete Driveway Finishes in Sydney to Choose From

There are different concrete driveway finishes in Sydney. But textured concrete finishes are considered the least costly of the many decorative concrete ideas available.

It’s because all these techniques are done by a concrete finisher with maybe one or two finishers that are part of the crew. It also needs no more additional requirements as well.

  • Stencilling concrete is the first technique which is a great alternative to decorative stamping while it allows for design flexibility. This We provide high quality concrete driveway finishes in Sydneystyle is easy for any novice to accomplish.
  • Broom finishes can be light or coarse broom finishes depending on the broom’s bristles. It isn’t a fancy finish but a non-slip surface.
  • Stamped concrete is another technique which is also known as imprinted or textured concrete. This is concrete that’s designed to resemble stone, flagstone, wood, brick, slate, and tile. It’s a popular option among homeowners. It’s good for adorning patios, pool decks, courtyards, driveways, and entries.
  • Trowel and float finishes. There are many patterns that can be placed on the concrete like swirls and also arcs of varying sizes. You can make texture smooth, medium, or coarse depending on the right tool to use for the pattern. Wood floats for instance create coarser textures.
  • Rock salt finishes are also possible. Here water softener salt crystals are broadcast on fresh concrete. A roller is used to press salt crystals right into the concrete. The surface will be washed later on with the salt being dissolved and leaving small holes in the end.

It’s your decision to choose the right finish for your concrete driveway. You can call us for more details.


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Sydney Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator

Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator

Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator for Determining Concrete Cost

For the homeowner to know determine the concrete driveway cost, it’s necessary to know the amount of concrete required for the project. There are tools and techniques that can be used to calculate the amount of concrete mix to be used.

  • There’s a rule of thumb of adding ¼” to the slab’s thickness in the budget for concrete slabs. This is considering that there’s the right depth and that it is well compacted. When you check into the grade and it varies from the best thing to do is to fix the grade.
  • For odd shapes, it’s easy to transform them into rectangles. This will make the odd shapes easier to figure.
  • For footings, they rarely follow the drawing exactly as it is should be. In rocky soil, the footings may collapse when huge rocks are excavated in the site. It is crucial to check varying spots on the footing and acquire the average size. The calculator may then be used to determine the amount of concrete required.Concrete Driveway Cost Calculator in Sydney

This goes to show that calculating or estimating concrete prices is that easy. There are many factors that have to be considered in determining this.

Some of the factors that can be considered are the following: sub-base preparation, reinforcement, grading, concrete forms and finishing, as well as the cost of concrete.

The following are some of the pricing components to be considered: ready mix concrete: $93 per cubic yard, grading: $50 to $70 per hour, sub-base for $12 to $18 per cubic yard, concrete forms and finishing: $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot, and reinforcement for $0.15 to $0.30 per square foot.


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Concreter Sydney - Concrete Driveways

4 Things You Must Know When Installing Your Concrete Driveway To ensure It Lasts a Life Time


concrete driveways SydneyNeed a new driveway for your brand new home or thinking of giving your existing driveway a makeover?

Installing a new concrete driveway is a cost-efficient way of increasing your house value and street appeal.

Concrete is the most durable material for driveways and a high quality driveway installation can last up to 40 years without the need for maintenance services like resealing and resurfacing.

How well your driveway looks and performs long-term is largely related to the quality of workmanship and materials that go into it.

To help ensure a problem-free driveway, there are 4 main things you NEED to know for proper construction of a concrete driveway that lasts for decades.


1. Concreter’s craftsmanship and experience

It may sound simple however often times, homeowners forget to ask about a concreter’s qualifications or assessing a Concreter's craftsmanship.

This can be done by asking:

  • how long the concreter has been in the business
  • the types of driveways they have installed (plain, coloured, exposed aggregate, stamped, stencilled etc)
  • and looking over before and after photos on their website.

Testimonials count however ask for the street address of their latest projects and drive by to look at the final work (but don't start going into people's driveways...)

Additionally, pay attention on how they plan to install your driveway and the different approaches they intend to use for the construction.


2. Properly prepared subgrade to prevent cracking

Subgrade is the underlying substance or layer under the pavement.

A good subgrade is one that provides adequate support like how soft or hard the existing dirt/ground is.

Ensure that there is an even slab thickness to prevent slab settlement and structural cracking.

Soft spots in the designated driveway area should be removed and replaced with good material like gravel, crushed rock and sand to provide some structure and support.

However don't allow the concrete to be placed on bone-dry subgrade - spraying the subgrade first to dampen it will prevent it from wicking water from the fresh concrete.

Concrete Driveways Sydney- no cracks in concrete driveway

Now if you're concern with cracks, you can ask the concreter his process/technique for minimising the chance of cracks appearing.

For our own clients, there are several steps we take to ensure minimal future cracking. They are:

  • Appropriate subgrade preparation before the concrete driveway installation
  • Having the correct concrete mix with a compressive strength of at least 4000 psi and an air content of around 6%. 
  • Having durable steel base and installing controlled joints
  • and cutting sections or installing the metal bar to enable expansion and concrete movement.


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3. Ensure adequate Concrete thickness of your driveway


Concrete Driveways Sydney- concrete thickness

This part is critical, ensure that your concrete driveway is around 10cm or more in thickness.

This also depends on the existing footpath and whether yourhouse is on a slope. At 10cm or more, your driveway can withstand alot of weight and will last for decades.

To accommodate regular vehicle traffic, once your driveway has been completed - it should be allowed to dry for a week before use.

To accommodate heavy equipment vehicles like trucks, it has to be dried for 14 to 30 days.

To maximize the lifespan of the driveway, it’s also necessary to prevent skip bins and moving vans to pass through.


4. Learn How To Maintain Your Driveway’s Appearance


4 main things you should know about Concrete Driveways Sydney

To maintain your driveway’s appearance, it’s beneficial to apply a sealer on your concrete driveway.

Although sealing can lasts for decades, some of our clients like to maintain their driveway by sealing every three to five years.

Yet it also depends on how heavy its usage is and the corresponding wear and tear.

Don’t hire workers that offer sealing services who go door to door. They’re usually not the most reliable (cough… scammers).

If you do experience stains from oil spills, remove it immediately - kitty litter, cornmeal or even sawdust will assist with soaking up excess oil.

You also have to avoid the use of any de-icing products as the fluid from such products can can tear down your concrete driveway.

For the same reason, you shouldn’t change your vehicle’s oil on the driveway or use any sharp objects on your driveway.

If you have to use a shovel on your concrete driveway for any reason (which should be minimal since it doesn’t snow in Sydney)  avoid using those that have metal blades.

If you start noticing cracks appear, it’s crucial to fix cracks the moment you see them to avoid further damage and more expenses for repair.

One other golden rule before you seal the deal with the contractor is to try the price estimator we have available here .

Our quote system takes 20 seconds and helps guide you in the process of installing a concrete driveway, give it a go below: