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Should You Resurface or Replace Old Concrete?

When you have a concrete driveway, it will become tired and worn out over time. Most homeowners think that it should be ripped out and replaced completely, but there’s an alternative to that which is what we call resurfacing.


When to Replace Concrete:

There are instances when the concrete appears to be too damaged. Concrete is often poured over a sub base. When this is not prepared well before pouring concrete, this may lead to cracks.

There are also instances when the sub base has already been prepared yet erosion created voids underneath which brings forth the cracks. There are several clues to this on the concrete surface:

  • Cracks that go in different directions means that it badly needs replacement.
  • A long and relatively straighter crack can be repaired.We are the best concrete driveways contractors in Sydney.
  • When there’s a crack and one side of the cracked concrete is not of the same level as the other, the concrete has to be replaced.

When Should Concrete Be Resurfaced:

When the sub base stays in good condition, the concrete can be resurfaced. Only concrete resurfacing professionals can see if your concrete is worth resurfacing.

What they usually do is they repair the concrete and prepare the surface for coating. There are different techniques to do this:

  • Coloured concrete can be sprayed on the old concrete.
  • Stencilling can produce patterns in concrete.
  • Aggregates and pebbles can be added to concrete.
  • Acid dyes can change the concrete’s colour and gives a natural colour instead.
  • Stamping can provide depth and texture to any concrete surface.

All these techniques can also be combined to create a certain design or pattern.

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Pebble Concrete Driveway

How to Have a Pebble Concrete Driveway

One of the most visually appealing driveway is the pebble concrete driveway. For homeowners to understand how the aggregates work, they should know about the three methods in which decorative aggregates are mixed into concrete for them to be exposed later on.

  • Seeding the aggregate on the concrete surface.We are the experts of concrete driveways in Sydney.

This is the most common method wherein the aggregates are seeded on the concrete slabs right after the concrete has been laid down, struck off, and bull floated. In this method, the aggregates are to be sprinkled by hand or with the use of a shovel and having a bull float or darby embedded on it until the entire surface is covered with a thin layer of cement.

  • Mixing both the aggregate and concrete.

It’s also possible to use the ready-mix producer place the aggregates on the concrete during batching. This gets rid of batching which should be done after concrete is placed.

Yet this can be more expensive than seeding, depending of course on the aggregates used. This is because more aggregates are used in the process.

  • Placing the aggregates in a thin topping.

This is done through placing a thin course of concrete that’s already mixed with aggregates over a concrete slab. The topping can be 1 to 2 inches thick, depending on the size of the aggregates. This method is more successful when smaller decorative aggregates are used instead of the usual.

It is also important to choose aggregates well since they have an effect on the performance of concrete.


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Paving vs Concreting – Pros and Cons

When it comes to outdoor spaces, the most common problem is choosing between pavers and concrete. That’s why it’s important for you to know the pros and cons of these two materials for you to decide what’s best for your walkway, patio, or driveway:

For pavers, they are more flexible and durable compared to the concrete slab since pavers make up an interlocked system. You can also use the driveway right after placing the pavers.

They are also four times more durable than concrete slabs and they can also accommodate four times the weight that concrete can take. It’s easier for you to come up with a customised design for your driveway due to the variety of colours and mWe are the best concreters in Sydney.aterials available.

It’s also safer to have pavers since they are slip and skid resistant and it has superior drainage as well.

The downside to pavers is that weeds and moss can grow in between pavers. It needs to be maintained and also it requires preparation before the installation. They are more expensive compared to other materials. It may also require you to replace the pavers sooner.

Concrete slabs are readily available and cheap. Using modern techniques, concrete can easily look like pavers.

You also have a wide variety of colours, patterns, and designs with concrete. Concrete is also 15 percent cheaper than pavers but may also crack and stain easily.

It takes time to dry and gets slippery when wet. You may also have to rip up the entire lab when you have to get under the concrete.   




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How Much Does A Driveway Gate Cost?

There are many materials a driveway gate may be able to have: aluminium, timber, wrought-iron, or steel. If you can’t choose a particular driveway gate style, you can have one that’s custom-made.

A driveway gate enhances your home’s entrance and it also provides security. The only downside to it is that you have to get out of the car to open or close it if it’s not automated.

The cost of a driveway depends on the material being used, the size of the driveway, and whether it is customised or not. There are those that costWe are the experts of concrete driveways and driveway gates in Sydney. as little as $150 but you may have concerns about the quality of material.

A more sensible buy would be a pair of gates that costs $400 to $500 that’s made of powder-coated galvanised steel gates.

The least costly means for you to have a driveway gate is to get in kit form. This is usually composed of a pair of gates, two posts, and a hardware and it usually costs under $1,000.

Those DIY kits that are made in aluminium can cost $1,700 up to $4,000 for wide telescoping kits. These prices are for level surfaces only and they do not include installation fees.

For sloping driveways, the gates may cost more, but there are professionals who make custom lengths for no additional charge.

It’s true that driveway gate kits are complete with installation instructions, but it’s not going to be an easy job. The posts alone have to be built strongly for them to be able to bear the weight of the gates.   



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Concrete Driveway Repairs in Sydney

It is a fact that concrete does crack. If you have a patio, a walkway, a pool surround, or a driveway that’s made of concrete, it’ll likely crack at one point. It’s good that such cracks and imperfections are easy to address. Here are some ways to do the repairs for concrete driveways:

  • Put a new layer.

You can put a new layer of concrete to the damaged layer. This is a fairly easy method of repair but it is also more expensive. For those that have serious cracks, sometimes asphalt is added instead of concrete. The result is for you to have an asphalt driveway instead but one thing is certain; it’s also more affordable.

  • You can replace it with a new stamped driveway.

This entails ripping out the old driveway altogether and replacing it with a new one. It’s the most costly of all repair options but it is highly effective too. This is so because stamped concrete driveways are more durable and not prone to cracking compared to traditional concrete driveways.We are the experts of concrete driveway repairs in Sydney.

  • Patch it up with the use of caulk.

This is the cheapest and the easiest means to repair a driveway by way of patching up cracks with the use of caulk. A good product to use is Quikrete Concrete Repair which is a mix of acrylic latex and a bit of sand. Not only is it effective but it also blends well with concrete.

  • Have your concrete driveway stamped.

A professional contractor can stamp your concrete driveway. The parts of the concrete that have cracks will be cut to appear like stamped concrete.



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5 Design Ideas for Concrete Driveways

When you’re aiming to enhance your home’s curb appeal, you have to check on the driveway. The driveway is part of the landscape and it has to complement the home and the garden as well.

Concrete driveway experts know of techniques that can turn ordinary concrete into a mesmerising work of art. The following are some of the design ideas for your concrete drivewayThe best stamped concrete driveway in town! to make it look great:

  • Stamped concrete can be done by “artists.” Stamping may also be done with stencilling but it’s stamping that adds texture and depth to any surface. It’s easy to think that stamped concrete pavement is made of natural stone pavers.
  • Stained concrete is another technique used. This involves acid staining which reacts with minerals found in concrete to come up with multiple colours. After stain is applied, concrete may look like natural stone that has a lasting colour and right texture.
  • Stencilling can be applied to existing or new driveway. This comes in many patterns and can be combined to look like pavers or stone. It also enables the contractors to use different colours and patterns.
  • Pebbled concrete is also known as pebblecrete or exposed aggregate. This technique has been used for a long time. It can involve the use of single colour and it may also be mixed with other decorative techniques.
  • Painted concrete. This is the cheapest of all techniques. This is simply repainting the driveway. This can be a DIY project but contractors may also have spray techniques to resurface the driveway.  


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Western Suburbs Concrete Driveways in Sydney

Removing Oil from Concrete Driveways

One concern that homeowners have about their concrete driveway is the oil or grease that can get on it after a while. You can find a lot of Western suburbs concrete driveways in Sydney that are not given attention. They can become more attractive when the stains are removed completely.


Several chemical methods can be used for removing oil or grease on concrete. Those small spills and stains can easily be removed with the use of a scrub brush, strong detergent, or a sponge. There’s also a more aggressive method:We are the expert of concrete driveways in Sydney

  • Degreaser or a Commercial Concrete Cleaner. This is an alkaline-based soap that can be scrubbed on the concrete surface.

Soap here acts as the ball bearings which loosens up the oil for it to be easily removed. There’s however a downside to this.

Degreasers are not known to break down the oil. This means that they won’t work on concrete that has been contaminated for so long or has been heavily contaminated. They’re more suitable for porous concrete and not on those that have hard finish.

  • Poultice is another method to get rid of oil stains from concrete. This can be primarily applied for small and stubborn stains. This can be created through the use of an absorptive material such as pool filter media, kitty litter, or perhaps sawdust. 

A strong solvent has to be used such as xylene, acetone, lacquer thinner, or MEK. Then you can start smearing the material over the said stain. The poultice has to be covered with plastic and this is where the process of osmosis takes over.

This treatment will break down the oil thus removing the oil stains on your driveway. However, this method takes a long time and may not be practical.

These are some of the methods on how you can remove oil from your concrete driveway. It only depends on how stained your driveway is to identify which cleaning method you should use.

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Stamped Concrete Driveways in Sydney

Designs for Stamped Concrete Driveways

Stamped concrete driveways give you multiple decorative options that isn’t possible with other paving materials. Through stamps, you can now come up with replicas of popular and visually appealing materials such as cobblestones, natural slate, bricks, and field stone.

One benefit of a stamped concrete driveway is that it requires no lifting and putting into place like the precast since it can be poured or pumped into plThe best concrete driveways contractor in Sydneyace. This makes it a time-saver and not labour-intensive.

There are various patterns and textures that you can choose from, but it’s the different methods that can give your stamped concrete a customised look. You can use integral colour, powdered pigments, and stains.   


The following are some design ideas that you can use for stamped concrete:

  • Choose colours and patterns that complement with the architectural design of your home.
  • Stamped concrete will always benefit from added colour but it should only be added as an accent and not as multiple layers of colour.
  • You can use contrasting colours and patterns for bands and borders to make it more than simply decorative.
  • You can install stamped borders instead of using stamped concrete all over. The stamped borders can be interspersed with fields of exposed aggregate or broom-finished concrete.
  • If you are after a rough stone-like texture for your concrete driveway, you can use seamless texture skins. This will give off a natural rough-cut stone appearance.

You can let your contractor customise the colours of the driveway to make sure that it suits the unique design of your home and the entire landscape.

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Precast Concrete in Sydney

Understanding Precast Concrete in Sydney

To put it simply, precast concrete in Sydney is that type of concrete that is cast in a different location than where it will be placed. Majority of pre-cast products are cast inside a factory by using the wet-cast method. There are others like the tilt-up panels that are cast on the site where it will be used.

Precasting has a lot of advantages but the downside to this process is that the resulting concrete needs to be moved. Concrete is heavy; it weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot. This makes it necessary for the concrete elements to be not so big to avoid problems in moving them.

Precast concrete has a wide array of benefits to offer and most builders prefer to focus more on them.We are the best concrete contractor in Sydney.

  • Weather doesn’t affect precasting since you can cast regardless of the weather and still be able to get the same quality of results. This allows you to enjoy the mixes and methods.
  • Precasting is also done in a controlled casting environment where it’s easier to control factors like mixing, placement, and curing.
  • It is easier to control and quality of the product.
  • It requires much less labor, and lesser skills are required for the labor.
  • It’s also easier to create multiple copies of the same precast. This also enables you to have more value from a particular mold and set-up.
  • For the person precasting, materials can be bought for multiple projects. With the high volume of materials, it’s easier to get significant discounts.

Indeed, there are reasons why precast concrete is still here since the time of the Romans.


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Paving Repairs in Sydney

Repairing and Maintaining Concrete Pavers

For concrete pavers to be properly installed, they have to be done on a well-compacted subbase. If they’re installed the right way, concrete pavers don’t easily shift, settle, or crack in normal volume of vehicular and human traffic.

It’s possible for pavThe experts of paving repairs and maintenance in Sydney.ers to settle in some areas over time when they’re not installed the right way on a stable subbase. These can be corrected through removing the affected pieces and recompacting and regrading the subbase. Pavers may also be removed and reinstalled when utility repairs are necessary.

The typical maintenance of pavers includes taking away dead leaves and dirt, sweeping, and also occasional rinsing. When it has heavy oil and grease, it’s better to resort to pressure washing with the help of the appropriate cleaning material.

Depending on how severe and erratic the weather condition is in your location, you may need to replenish sand found in the paver joints every 2 or 3 years if it washes away because of erosion.

When polymer sand is used when the paver is installed, it will not be necessary to have joint sand. Joint sand is a kind of sand that comes with a polymeric additive that tends to harden and bind sand to help prevent erosion.


It also helps to seal concrete pavers surfaces for the sand to be locked in and to protect the pavers from staining. Sealing requires reapplication from time to time depending on the sealer used and the volume of traffic.

When it’s winter, sharp objects should not be used for chopping the ice since it can damage it.  

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