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5 Design Ideas for Concrete Driveways

When you’re aiming to enhance your home’s curb appeal, you have to check on the driveway. The driveway is part of the landscape and it has to complement the home and the garden as well.

Concrete driveway experts know of techniques that can turn ordinary concrete into a mesmerising work of art. The following are some of the design ideas for your concrete drivewayThe best stamped concrete driveway in town! to make it look great:

  • Stamped concrete can be done by “artists.” Stamping may also be done with stencilling but it’s stamping that adds texture and depth to any surface. It’s easy to think that stamped concrete pavement is made of natural stone pavers.
  • Stained concrete is another technique used. This involves acid staining which reacts with minerals found in concrete to come up with multiple colours. After stain is applied, concrete may look like natural stone that has a lasting colour and right texture.
  • Stencilling can be applied to existing or new driveway. This comes in many patterns and can be combined to look like pavers or stone. It also enables the contractors to use different colours and patterns.
  • Pebbled concrete is also known as pebblecrete or exposed aggregate. This technique has been used for a long time. It can involve the use of single colour and it may also be mixed with other decorative techniques.
  • Painted concrete. This is the cheapest of all techniques. This is simply repainting the driveway. This can be a DIY project but contractors may also have spray techniques to resurface the driveway.  


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